Rome, season 1, episode 1: The Stolen Eagle

I’ve decided to start by looking at two different historical dramas about ancient Rome. To begin with, I’ll be looking at Rome, the 2 season HBO series that follows the last years of the Roman Republic. Its debut season was ten years ago. I’ll then focus on the 1970s BBC classic I, Claudius, which jumps forward a couple of decades to examine the life and times of the first four Roman emperors. The shows have some overlap in characters and events/background history. I have already watched these shows and am a fan of both, though I do slightly prefer one to the other. (We’ll get to that in good time.)

Disclaimer: I have a working knowledge of Roman history of this time period, but I am certainly no expert. I welcome any comments to elaborate on the historical background, as well as any general observations about the shows.

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