Barchester Chronicles, episode 7

Unbeknownst to Slope, his other ambition is also dead in the water because we then stop by the Grantlys’ home, with Harding bearing news. Harding tells the Grantlys he was offered the dean’s position and turned it down, which infuriates them, but he refuses to budge, claiming that he is too old for the job.

43--i don't want the job

“I’m pursuing other opportunities.”

Grantly is furious because he believes it just guarantees Slope the job. As far as he is concerned, Harding just needs to get over his namby-pamby principles and take one for the team.

44--are you for fucking real

“Are you for fucking real, old man?”

45--i am grantly hear me roar

“I am Grantly. Hear me roar!”

And this is a really condensed version of a fairly extensive set of scenes, but Eleanor is invited to the Thornes’ home for another visit not involving a disastrous garden party and they also invite Arabin the Bore.

46--hang out at my house

“We should hang out more, despite having nothing in common.”

He and Eleanor are able to hash out their feelings and differences, and he asks her to marry him in one of the most yawn-inducing proposals I have ever seen in a period drama.

47--steamy victorian proposal

Steamy Victorian proposal, Arabin-style.

She gets back home, excited to tell her father. He is also excited to tell her about his offer and his decision. She’s disappointed he won’t take the job, but he is thrilled with her news.

48--we both have news

“I have something to tell you!” “What a coincidence! I have something to tell you!”

49--so happy slope isn't my son in law

“Slope won’t be my son-in-law? Proof there is a God!”

Then Harding has a brain wave–he should see if he can get Arabin the Bore the dean job that was offered to him.

50--heyyyyy i have an idea

“Hey, I have an idea.”

Even the Grantlys are happy with Eleanor’s news.

51--well i'll be damned eleanor isn't a dumbass.jpg

“Eleanor’s not a dumbass after all. Imagine that!”

Next page: Slope vs Proudies.


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