Barchester Chronicles, episode 7

Continuing my coverage of the 1982 BBC miniseries The Barchester Chronicles. . . .

In the last episode, Eleanor fielded and turned down marriage proposals from Slope and Bertie and the question of who will be the next dean became a pressing issue.

And now, sadly, we have reached the last episode. Let’s see how everything gets wrapped up.

After all of the back and forth about who is going to be warden, we see Mr. Q. and his wife confirming they were officially offered the gig.

1--will this opportunity be snatched from us

“How long do you think before this job is taken from us again?”

The Oxford guy we met last episode–whose name I must confess I did not bother to learn–pays the bishop a visit.

2--we need to talk

“We need to talk.”

3--this is about diocese jobs right

“Oh shit. This can’t be good.”

They expect him to discuss the recent and pending appointments within the diocese, but they are startled when he points to a newspaper article that heartily recommends Slope as the new dean. He wants to know who is behind this.

4--actually it's about the newspaper

“This newspaper article offends me.”

5--that was not me

“This is worse than fighting over that damn hospital.”

The bishop repeats what he said in the previous episode–that he gave the archbishop suggestions, but Slope was not among them. Therefore, he has no idea where the newspaper got this idea that he was in the running for the job.

6--like really not me

“That was not me.”

Mrs. Proudie may be a lot of things, but she’s sly. She knows exactly where the newspaper got this idea.

7--I detect Slope's bestail fingerprints all over this

“Slope’s oily fingerprints are all over this.”

We then visit with Eleanor and her deceased husband’s sister, Mary. Eleanor complains about the horror of receiving two unwanted marriage proposals.

8--that party sucked ass

“That party sucked ass.”

Though she’s more tactful than the Stanhopes, Mary enjoys the anecdotes more than Eleanor wishes she did.

9--let me live vicariously through you

“Let me live vicariously through you!”

Next: Consequences for Bertie.


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