Barchester Chronicles, episode 6

However, as loathsome as Slope is–and he is off-the-charts bad in this episode–I have to give him props for trying to mount a comeback. Never one to be down-and-out long, he quickly weasels an introduction to the Oxford dude.

63--nothing if not resilient

“I’m nothing if not resilient.”

64--introduce me NOW

“Introduce me NOW, boss man.”

Meanwhile, Eleanor seeks comfort with the Stanhope family. It’s not optimal consolation.

62--stanhope sympathy

“Not sure why I expected you to be a decent person, but this still stings.”

Bertie then proposes to Eleanor. She turns him down, too, but doesn’t have to resort to hitting him.

65--second awkward marriage proposal of the afternoon

“Lucky for you I’ve had a lot of practice today with rejecting insane marriage proposals.”

The episode concludes with the sad news that the dean did, in fact, pass away, and Eleanor returns home with dear old dad.

66--parties are never fun

“Does anyone ever actually have fun at a party?”



Best lines: I had to go with a tie because I couldn’t pick.

On being told Mr. Q will be warden–“I suppose . . . Mr. Quiverfull is . . . very poor.”

On the subject of unwanted proposals–“Must it be brief?”

Best face: No contest.

60--how can any woman resist the slope charm

Next time: “Episode 7”



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