Barchester Chronicles, episode 6

Since he’s already been turned down by his one meal ticket in a previous episode, he tries to secure his future financial status by proposing to Eleanor.

54--brace yourself for my charm and eloquence.jpg

“Brace yourself for my charm and eloquence. You’ll have to get used to it.”

Her response is less than ideal, in his eyes.

55--please stop while you're ahead.jpg

“Please stop while you’re ahead.”

Slope then has a hissy fit and even tells her, and I quote, she’s “cruel” for not hearing him out. I would argue that she’s actually being pretty nice in trying to shut it down before he completely embarrasses himself with a proposal she’s not interested in, but the mind of Obadiah Slope doesn’t work that way.

56--not hearing me out is sacrilege.jpg

“You’re breaking one of the ten commandments by refusing to listen to me.”

57--you can leave after you have listened and paid the ransom

“You can leave once you’ve listened to me propose and then paid the ransom.”

When she still proves resistant, he then chases her around the garden while he continues to propose. I am not making that up.

58--every woman wants to be chased around a garden during her marriage proposal

“If I just say enough words, you’ll accept, right?”

59--it would be eternal bliss, lambchop

“Being married to me would be eternal bliss, lambchop.”

Eleanor finally realizes that Emily Post never talked about how to turn down such a proposal, so she slaps the living shit out of him.

Slope seems to accept the implications of her action, though he remains bewildered about what induced her reaction.

60--how can any woman resist the slope charm.jpg

“How could anyone resist my smarm charm?”

61--the sulks

The sulks.

Next page: Eleanor’s second awkward party moment.


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