Barchester Chronicles, episode 6

A lot of shit happens at the garden party (like, literally, a joust and medieval archery hijinks) but we’re just going to focus on the main things. Like how Eleanor raises a lot of eyebrows when she arrives with Slope.

46--carriage rides are the new engagement rings

45--eleanor hits a new social low

“We have no words.”

But she insists she didn’t want to–that’s just how the travel arrangements with the Stanhopes worked out.

47-only slope enjoyed the ride

“Dad, I would rather have been beaten with a wooden spoon than ride with Slope.”

Mr. Proudie and Grantly and someone important from Oxford chat, with Proudie telling them Q will get the wardenship and that he submitted 5 names for the bishop to consider for the dean.

48--partial updates for everyone.jpg

“I’ll throw you a bone and give you some updates.”

Arbin the Bore and Eleanor keep exchanging longing glances, which are interrupted by Slope.

49--slope creeper ninja at your service.jpg

“Obadiah Slope, bishop’s chaplain, sinister minister, ninja creeper, at your service.”

Everyone’s favorite odious chaplain is also insistent that he must speak to Eleanor, but she keeps trying to dodge him.

50--we need to talk

“We need to talk.”

51--really need to talk

“We really need to talk.”

52--not fucking around when i said we need to talk

“I will fucking hunt you down to talk to you.”

53--glad you are alone and we can talk

“So glad you’re my captive audience, and I get to talk.”

Next page: Slope’s request


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