Barchester Chronicles, episode 6

In an awesome scene that follows the bishop returning from a visit with the archbishop, Mrs. Proudie forces him to admit that he mentioned Slope in the conversation, though he concedes he thought it was arrogant of Slope to put his own name forward.

39--tell me all about the archbishop.jpg

“Tell me what the archbishop had to say.”

40--topics were mentioned discussions were had

“Topics were mentioned. Discussions were had. About stuff. Like deans. And Slope.”

41--you are even dumber than i thought

“You are even dumber than I had imagined.”

He does try a novel self-defense tactic, claiming that he recommended Slope so that he would leave and she wouldn’t have to deal with him.

42--everything i do i do for you

“I did it all for you!”

She is not moved and is hellbent on revenge–Slope will leave, and he will not leave with dignity or rank. Also she vaguely mentions that Slope had nothing before attaching himself to the Proudie coattails.

43--he must leave

“I will crush him.”

In a touching but one-sided conversation, Harding talks to the invalid dean and explains Grantly’s grand plans for the day and expresses doubt that they’re even worth troubling with.

44--surrounded by ambitious lunatics

“I’m surrounded by ambitious lunatics. Get me out of here!”

Next page: The garden party.


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