Barchester Chronicles, episode 6

Then we get a Bold-Stanhope Slope bashing party, which would be mean if he wasn’t such an asshole and if it wasn’t so damn funny.

33--slope bashing party

Slope-bashing party

Eleanor admits that after her time at the in-laws she desperately needs some mean fun, which the Stanhopes are always good for.

As part of their fun, they’re composing a rhymed drama about Slope. They also call him a prophet, so does that make me prophetic for referring to him as a prophet in my last post, written before I watched this one? Ignore the fact it’s an easy association to make.

Also, I do find it interesting how quickly Eleanor has turned on Slope. Just the last episode, she was defending him. I never got the impression she had a crush on him or anything, but she did seem determined to see the good in him but no more. I suppose there are several valid reasons for her shift in opinion. Perhaps the impropriety of the letter started to bother her or perhaps she started to compare notes with the Signora and saw he was a man of divided attentions. I suspect it’s possible we’re supposed to think she’s so taken with Arabin that his opinion on Slope settles the issue, but I find that an offensive line of thought because Eleanor, despite her tendency to overlook flaws, is an intelligent, perceptive woman who can clearly make up her own mind. Also, why would Arabin the Bore have that much say over anyone?

Anyway, a visitor is coming up, and they assume it is Slope, which leads to Eleanor frantically trying to conceal evidence of the Slope bashing while the Stanhopes seem to regard his regular visits and romantic ardor for the Signora as the highlight of their days. Why hide their mean rhymes from him? His reaction will be hilarious.

Sadly for all of us, it’s not Slope-it’s Arabin the Bore, with an invite for a garden party, hosted by the gentry family who pay his salary.

34--you're not alan rickman

“Sorry I’m not Alan Rickman. If it’s any consolation, the fact I’m not Alan Rickman makes me sad, too.”

35--invites for everyone

“But I do come bearing invitations for everyone.”

Signora wants to know if the Proudies and Slope are invited.

36--does everyone literally mean everyone

“When you say ‘everyone,’ do you really mean everyone?”

She’s especially concerned whether Slope is coming because, according to her, he’s popular with the ladies,  and she makes it clear Eleanor is one of those ladies.

37--ladies love to be smarmed by slope hint hint

“I know a lot of ladies who love to be smarmed by Slope, so we can’t disappoint them.” *hint hint*

Eleanor clearly no longer enjoys their company.

38--oh this isn't fun anymore

“Maybe I don’t like the Stanhopes as much as I thought I did.”

This scene was hilarious and also highlighted that though Bertie is a flaky bastard who would get annoying after awhile, he is enjoyable, in a weird sort of way. Also, it shows that the Signora is at least an equal opportunist in making people’s lives a living hell for her own amusement.

Next page: Battle lines are drawn.


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