Barchester Chronicles, episode 6

Speaking of his boss, Mrs. Proudie is still very angry about being asked to leave her husband’s office. She returns to that place of defeat, mentions how pissed she still is, and insists they discuss the hospital NOW.

10--need to chat

“Talking to me is the highlight of your day, isn’t it, dear?”

11--please don;t hurt me

“Please don’t hurt me.”

Then the scene cuts to Eleanor venting to Mary about her stay at the Grantlys’ home. She says she has no intention of marrying Slope but is vexed by their interference and attitude. She also confesses she finds Arabin handsome in a “dull Oxford way.”

Um, I like Eleanor but, bitch, please:

Is there any contest at all here in the looks department? No, I didn’t think so. But Eleanor’s not willing to be converted to reason.

12--i like boring, derpy men

“I like derpy, boring men.”

We never see what Mrs. Proudie says to her husband, but we see the aftermath and she confirms that Q will be the warden.

13--agony of defeat

The agony of defeat.

Maybe this is why the “informal” thing he told Slope. He knew it was inevitable that he would have to capitulate?

In other news, Grantly and Harding have been to see the dean and lament his impending death when they see a hideous sight indeed–Slope, booking it to the bishop’s office.

14--avast I spy a slope

“Ahoy! A Slope sighting!”

Next page: The question of who will be dean.


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