BBC’s 1980 Thérèse Raquin miniseries

1st episode:

My overall impression of this miniseries from the beginning–which remained my overall impression at the end–is this adaptation is the well-acted, well-paced story of two very unlikable people who are still oddly compelling to watch.

We start by getting a look into the everyday life of Thérèse Raquin. She’s married to her sickly cousin Camille and lives with him and his mother, the aunt who raised her. Basically Thérèse is super bored with these people.

To the show’s credit, just based on the first several minutes, I can see where the milquetoast Camille and his well-meaning but nervous mother would irritate the hell out of someone on a daily basis while also still being perfectly nice people, so though I understand why Thérèse is miserable, she also comes off as being petty.

Le ennui

Le ennui.

Even worse, they play dominos every Thursday night with other well-meaning but annoying people.


“I have to spend every Thursday with these people. The horror.”

She’d rather hide downstairs and play with the cat. I actually don’t blame her on this. As a very introverted person who is not much of a cat person, I’ll take one-on-one cat time any day over a domino party I don’t want to attend. Also, her cat’s name is Francois, which is the most perfect French cat name ever. Too bad the scene is too blurry for a good screencap of Francois.

But fortunately  Thérèse Raquin is not really the story of a woman who hates dominoes and loves cats, so an old childhood friend of Camille’s materializes. His name is Laurent, and coincidentally he now works at Camille’s office, though Laurent really wants to be a painter when he grows up.

new blood.png

New blood

Since the Raquins have no other friends except the Thursday Domino Crew, Laurent is quickly welcomed into their exclusive social circle, and he shows off his mad painter skills by doing a portrait of Camille. (On a side note, I always welcome any Brian Cox appearance–he will always be my favorite Hannibal Lecter–and it amuses me to no great end that, throughout this miniseries, you can hear traces of his Scottish accent that just get even more pronounced the more shit hits the fan.)

portrait making

“This is how art works, Camille.”


Camille doing his damnedest to internalize those lessons and look distinguished.

And then we get our first Rickman sighting. The Rickman is Laurent’s painter friend, Vidal, and as quickly becomes apparent in his handful of appearances throughout the miniseries, he is the greatest relationship advice giver this side of Dear Abby.

The scene features Dear Abby Vidal and Laurent in a bar, with Rickman peevishly wondering why Laurent hasn’t already slept with Thérèse. The Rickman is not impressed with Laurent’s lack of action and responds with a gloriously sneering rejection of his reasoning: “Only because what? You don’t really love her? What other excuses have you got?”

Laurent actually has some legitimate but selfish excuses–he doesn’t want to screw up the sweet gig he has, what with the family feeding him and putting up with him. Dear Abby Vidal continues to not be impressed and reassures Laurent that you can totally screw the other guy’s wife and stay in the family’s good graces.

wingman pep talk.png

Wingman pep talk, courtesy of Dear Abby Vidal, the king of navigating adulterous painting liaisons.


Everything’s better with wine. And Alan Rickman.


“Why do you make everything so complicated, Laurent?”


“For fuck’s sake, do I have to be both the beauty and the brains in this friendship?”

Inspired by the shamelessness of Dear Abby Vidal, Laurent starts doing extracurricular things with Therese, which bring her alive. So, basically, they have lots of sex and continue to hide it from her family while also being pretty blatant about it.


It totally looks like they’re going to break into song here, but they don’t.

This continues for some time, with the highlight for me being her weird as hell “Francois ratting out Laurent and  Thérèse to Camille” cat impersonation/monologue. It’s every bit as fucking weird as it sounds.


cat impression.png

Cat impressions spice up any adulterous tryst.


“This is weird, even by my standards.”


Judging both of you.

Of course, the salad days of Laurent and Thérèse’s affair are endangered when Laurent is told he can’t keep cutting out of work in the afternoon for random BS aches and illnesses. No shit, Laurent. How long did you think they’d let you do that?

Laurent is distraught, so he turns to Dear Abby Vidal for quality adultery advice in a moment of despair. Laurent bemoans the fact he can no longer see Thérèse except for during chaste domino games when her husband is present.

no fun.png

“You’re not much fun to drink with any more.”

Dear Abby Vidal tries to point out to him that he has other options.

so many women.png

“Look at all the other women in the world you can sleep with at any time of day.”

not listening.png

“You don’t listen to any of my good ideas, Laurent.”

When Laurent goes into a sulk about how he is completely enraptured with Thérèse, The Rickman sees he’s dealing with a lost cause, sneers at him for being “a slave” to a woman, and points out that, you know, you can sleep with her at other places/times besides her house during his work hours.

I do all the thinking.png

“I have to do all the thinking in this relationship that I’m not even in.”

Laurent invites her over one time, which she manages to show up for. But then they realize this can’t happen again because it’s too suspicious. They’re really distraught and then decide that they should just kill the inconvenient Camille.

let's just kill him.png

Murder is always the solution.

If Laurent had any reasoning ability, he would have run this theory by Dear Abby Vidal first. Undoubtedly, Dear Abby Vidal would have had a better plan or at least brainstormed some alternative plans of action.

Anyway, after some scheming and angsting, the adulterous duo murder Camille during an outing. Kudos to this show for absolutely nailing the murder scene. (Pun only marginally intended.) The scene does a wonderful job of capturing the inherent tension and horror.

Laurent death.png

“Camille Raquin, you are married to my mistress. You must die.”


“I thought we were friends!”


“I didn’t think my husband’s murder would be this murderous.”

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