1978 BBC’s Romeo and Juliet

But I digress.We eventually get treated to the party scene I’ve already alluded to, where Romeo meets Juliet the first time. As I said, this scene is really hampered by the fact that he just seems to be mildly checking her out, so their sudden realization that they fall in love at first sight here just seems a bit silly. However, we get some more of The Rickman, and it’s actually one of his best scenes. (Granted, he only gets about three scenes, but we can’t picky.)


Pity dancing with the cousin.

I actually enjoyed the dance scene in general, partially because the dance itself is delightfully goofy–as social dancing at this time always looks to me. But the highlight starts when Tybalt realizes there are Montague gatecrashers.

constant vigilance

Constant vigilance.

Thank God Tybalt is the only one who pays attention to security during the shindig. Seriously, who engages in a lengthy turf war with local rivals and doesn’t wonder who the masked motherfuckers are at the dance? Do you think the Hatfields and McCoys would have let that slide? This is how you lose feuds, people.

The resulting exchange between a furious Tybalt and an accommodating Capulet is pretty entertaining. Tybalt’s line reading of “This is a Montague, our foe” is vintage Rickman, dripping with disdain. His subsequent sulking after his uncle tells him to pipe down is also hilarious.

dressing down

Lecture time.


“You don’t tell me what to do.”


“I’m gonna cut a Montague bitch or two before this play is through.”

awkward dance

“Piss off, Romeo. That mask fools nobody. Well, nobody except all my other relatives.”

Next page: People start to die.


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