Alan Rickman Memorial Festival

I had initially started this blog with the intention of analyzing narrative structure in television shows, but that quickly proved unfeasible with my current work and other commitments. I just didn’t have the time to devote the several hours a week that I would need to watch each episode of a television show multiple times, research it, analyze it, and type up an extensive discussion. However, I still wanted to blog and was casting around for a more manageable topic.

In the meantime, I–like so many other movie fans around the world–was saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Alan Rickman back in January.

It seems like everyone has a default character that Rickman is for them, probably the first one they saw him play. For some, it’s Hans Gruber; for others, it’s the Sheriff of Notthingham or Colonel Brandon or Severus Snape. My default character is probably some weird fusion of Hans Gruber and Alexander Dane–Hans Dane? Alexander Gruber? I don’t know how you’d fuse those two characters, but I guarantee you the result would be awesomeness personified.

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